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I remember how scary it was to scale, I was worried about quality, chosen time' And now I coached more than 10 000 students, thousands of teams and many organizations from more than 78 countries. What motivating me to not stop? - You and feedback You are providing after the sessions. Every session is like a small life so thank You for being part of my life.  Vlad (Volodymyr Trush) 

Vlad provides unvaluable insights and makes the sessions interactive and incredibly productive. I am absolutely thrilled that I chose this course -- the pace is perfect and Vlad is an amazing instructor. I am sad it is done!

Manrique Natalia / Product Manager / USA

I totally recommend this learning model, where standalone-yet-connected workshops create a fruitful hands-on work-and-learn environment. Several knowledge items were already implemented successfully in my job. I already recommended this course to friends and colleagues and I look forward to participating in the next course

Enrico Marongiu / Product Manager / Telit / Italy

What an amazing journey & experience it was. Truly commendable . The learnings I gained during the classes I am surely going to implement those. You are a very nice coach & the organizer. You have also ensure how to make the session more interactive  so that everyone won't feel shy & will speak up. The best thing I liked about Vlad is even if the answer is wrong he will say Fantastic  to encourage you. Last but not the least, thank you so much & I will be touch with you both for my next certification 

I would recommend the Coach Vlad to my colleagues & friends

Palak Sethi / Electrolux / Sweden

“You have an amazing team/coach, and I'm blessed to have . Your encouragement helped me. Thank you for inspiring me to be excellent in all that I do. Thank you for seeing and bringing out the best in me."

Vineeth Kallengatt / Allianz Technologies / PO for Linux Operations 

You are the best coach. 

Cong Ma / Circle Cardiovascular Imaging / Canada

Yes. It was very helpful session for my career. 

Ramakurup Arunkumar / Allianz technology / Service manager

Vlad is awesome! 

Jane Thiem / Canada

Very satisfied with the course! These are not the sessions when you just listen to the monologue of the teacher / coach, but you are given the opportunity to try everything on practice. This is not only a useful course, but also, finally, interesting! Special thanks to Volodymyr Trush, for how he holds the sessions! Only by watching him, you can already learn a lot about facilitation and coaching. I recommend to everyone !

Olesea Pavlenco / Simpals SRL / Moldova

Vlad is an excellent coach with rich experience. I find it interesting listening and discussing with him

Regina Rimkute / WIZATA S.A. / Luxembourg

The best way to get knowledge and skills together with your team

Kamelia Keine / PM-International AG / Germany

Great coach, would patiently listen to our breakout conversations and ask great questions, generating more discussion and deepening our understanding of the concepts.

Nicholas Hill / Circle Cardiovascular Imaging / Canada

Learn as much as possible. The coach was good with depth knowledge.

Reghu  Manuprasad / Manager Operations/ Republic of India

Vlad provided some useful tips, well done

Johan Vogelaar / The Netherlands

Amazing job!!!! had a blast while having the course, I would recommend to anyone that still wants to learn how to take care of a product

Ionut Mihai Sandu / Germany / Head of Software Engineering

I was lucky to be a part of the strongest team of Physics in Ukraine. Our trainer always said: "To teach how to solve problems in physics, you need to show how you are solving them, but to learn how to solve them - you need to solve them by yourself". I'm really glad that had a chance to participate in the coaching, not a training program and therefore to get a much deeper understanding of the subject. And special thanks to the amazing coach Volodymyr Trush. Wish all your students can absorb at least 10% of your knowledge.

Artem Antonenko / Luxembourg / Engineering Manager

Each lesson was useful and after each lesson I recorded notes for myself, which I returned to as I worked on my own product. But one of the most global questions that I have identified for myself is how does a product owner differ from a project manager, who is a scrum master, the structure of the scrum framework with its team members and components (sprint, product and sprint backlog, sprint review and retrospective, epics and user stories and much more) I figured out how the products managed by this framework function, how the team interacts inside and many more useful things, which I repeat - I already use in my team

Viktor Shumylo / Ukraine / IT entrepreneur/product owner 

The course allowed me to take a different look at what I am doing now, and most importantly, what I can do in the future. The possibilities are now huge!

Anton Yakovlev / Germany / Head of Product

Very deep course which is explained in very simple language. Easy about the complex, I think this is the top height of professionalism!

Andrii Pchelintsev / Ukraine / Entrepreneur 

Hands on experience and good Coach. He really did a good job and thanks for his way of coaching. Was really helpful in identifying the difference of my current approach using the knowledge I had gained

Jeevan Raja Ravindharan / USA / Principal Consultant

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